F-one 2012 package - Volt kite and Next kiteboard


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unbeatable bang for buck F-one Volt kite is top quality and performance at a crazy price

Kiterrp kiterrp pkgkite onlyKITE SALE PRICE
Next tt699N/A
airlite upgrade150subject to av.
5th line59

F-one forever changed the course of kitesurfing when they introduced their Delta C-shape invention in 2007. Since then Bandit kites have been the reference for kites and each year have improved and become more and more performance oriented. In terms of acceleration, power potential and lightning response the Bandit is unbeatable. While its great to have the highest performing kite on the market, the relentless advancement of the Bandits has created a need for this kite.

Volt is the tamed down easier access version of the Bandit. Still fast, powerful and responsive but definitely more forgiving. As an allround kite the Volt excels for weekend warriors. The Volt is also the perfect kite for surf and waveriding at a high level, particularly strapless or just starting out because of its inherent design features and quality. And it makes a wicked wakestyle kite too. A good dirtbike analogy is the Volt is enduro as opposed to MX. It will go anywhere and probably easier than anything else out there. It gets the job done well without fuss or fanfare.

Volts lower aspect is all about ease of use. Easy acceleration, easy waveriding, easy kiteloops, easy upwind no matter the speed you are travelling, easy positioning of the kite in the window. And super easy auto relaunch. Extremely reassuring and predictable, and extreme depower, with a very manageable powerband. If you like to focus on surfing this kite is a must try for you. No matter how good you think your current wave kite is, you dont really know until you get on one of these, and really start to cut loose. The Volt sits back in the window with brilliant positioning control and feedback, it tracks straight and steady, with incredible smooth power delivery everywhere, especially through its precise turning and loops.

Featuring the same top quality force frame build as the Bandit all genuine teijin fabrics and proprietary pulleys the kite is bombproof. The bar is basic pure functionality, and the good news is that Volt is also available with F-ones amazing alloy airlite control bar as an upgrade! This is highly reccomended for more advanced riders to transform the kite through a shorter depower and more rigid bar.

There are also some trick up accessories available which bolt onto the Volt in minutes making it easily tuneable and semi custom. First up is the red stopper ball, which uses an allen key grub screw over a sleeve so you can set it to slide (by hand) easily or hard on the Plastic tubing covered depower rope, note that it should always slide somewhat so that it can be pushed out with the bar in emergencies. Generally its purpose is to shorten the throw and so stabilize the kite, very useful for most because the depower rope on the Volt is quite a bit longer than the Bandit5. The reason all Volt kites are supplied with a Long depower rope is to maximise auto relaunch, and also to enable reversing in certain situations (launch/land and some riders ride style). However if you prefer shorter throw because it feels better to kite, or easier to reach the adjuster, then there are 2 other sizes available, Medium and wakestyle super Short. (In Aust. Volt 9m are supplied with an extra M depower rope in the bag) If you want to try one email@m8kite.com and we can send out some demo depower ropes to you.

Depower throw lengthcm

Another bolt-on for the 5 line fans out there we have got a yellow 5th line that fits straight between any Bandit or Volt control bar and kite in just a few moments. This is the clincher for some riders who are used to 5th line flipover. Also we have some extension lines consisting of an outside pair and heavy duty center to add 2m onto your F-one lineset with any kite. 2m makes a huge difference to the size of your wind window therefore powerstroke potential, try it and see. It can even increase the already massive fun wind range of any size Volt kite.

The Volt kite is also available as a package with the F-one Next twintip kiteboard, saving $300 ! The Next board characteristics of flex and easy rocker combine perfectly with the Volt kite to get even the newest rider upwind and through the lulls without any drama. Easy to learn and land jumps, featuring the impressive F-one unibox fin system and straploc fittings. Available in 135x39 or 138x40 the Next board has a super smooth balanced ride matched perfectly to the Volt kite. European quality build and designed in harmony for the Volt kite F-ones Next boards are just the ticket to get you going right now.

Because F-one were able to draw on unsurpassed Delta C shape design experience plus massive board resources and combine all the best points of bandit kites from previous proven years there were big R&D efficiencies and value gains. This results in unbeatable bang for buck to you, for top notch quality and performance at these prices you simply cannot go past the Volt kite and Next board.

For more detail, features and colours check out the official product pdf bottom left. Note we only have whiteblue and whitebrown in some sizes. The global site www.en.f-onekites.com/volt is good to check out. And do not hesitate to email@m8kite.com to arrange a demo or purchase through your shop. Note the awesome package pricing is only applicable in certain stockists and only when you mention this page.

Andres review

Just came off another epic backhand session using the F-1 Volt which is the surf version of the Bandit 4...I have been using the Revolt and Bandit dos's which are awsome and very similar to eachother.

I tried the 9m 3x now...Looking at it its very C/Delta shape withalot of cloth at the back and small tips. This kite is super smooth with consistent traction its not super snappy but its pivotal smoothness and consistent power make it the easisest surf kite I have flown ever, linking turns effortlessly. It stays upwind from 15knots and doesnt seem to get to over powered easily.
Its a flyers kite but if you like park n ride this is sick to ride off. Its flying style is smooth all the way which for me is relief from flying my kite so much, as you turn the kite its like you are pivoting with it without the kite taking charge or you turning to fast for the kite..doing cutties makes me think this thing also turns corners. Truly this is bull**** how easy it makes surfing..my Dos's also are good for surfing but they are fast viscious and snappy making timing them crucial..this is different its like its standard turning speed matches surfing turns perfectly with depower, power, depower, etc ..Flys backwards well if you set it like that...ultimate control from a kite...And I am fussy when it comes to kites. When I have self landed pulling in the center lines it floats above the sand till you nearly have pulled in front lines completely.

I guess what is really impressed me is being able to forget the kite to concentrate on my surfing turns.
Upwind 9/10
power 10/10 Ride 1-2 m smaller than average kite
relaunch 8.5
build quality 10/10 1 pump 3 struts
Unhooked -dont know yet, its stability tells me it could be epic.
Bar 8/10 Simple, no dongles dangles or tangles.

Style: Surf
Weather: 15-20knots