F-one 2012 Bandit5 kite

Since the first generation Bandit F-one have been committed to offering one perfect kite. The goal is not to offer just a versatile kite but rather the ultimate kite for all disciplines and styles of rider, from the beginner to the pro athlete. To be successful in all areas is a real challenge from an R&D perspective, its a process much more complex than developing several highly specialized kites. The most difficult challenge faced with the B5 was to improve from the B4 in all areas without losing any of its superb qualities - an extremely tough call yet success belongs to F-one!

Antandroy from Band-Originale on Vimeo.

The priorities set for the Bandit5 in just 3 words

Range Lightness Handling

The whole structure of the kite, its profile and its bridles have been reworked in order to achieve these goals. Its construction has also been fundamentally updated both in the choice and distribution of materials and in the manufacturing processes.

The flexible structure of a kite is how it turns. Finetuning the flex area, amount and alignment is critical to the stability and responsiveness of B5. Precise control of twist and reactivity has greatly improved thanks to a finer leading edge, a new 3-point bridle system and a new shape for the struts. Reducing the diameter of the leading edge, with almost 25% less air volume also brings an important gain in weight and aerodynamics. The result is better performance both hi and lo with an improved handling thinner profile.

A new flatter profile further reduces drag bringing better range and feel. Its more efficient and constant with superb control of the kite aerodynamics, ultimate upwind and jumps and less lateral traction pulling you downwind. Setup time is improved. Less pulleys is less worries. Finally, some important work was undertaken on the bar feeling and pressure. B5 is so intuitive and direct yet so light and responsive that it becomes an extension of yourself.

Each year F-one test more than sixty prototypes in order to achieve their chosen criteria and they spend more than 120 days on the water to develop the new kite. Ultimately the B5 is smoother, more effective and more enjoyable regardless of the type of riding you do.

F-one B5 DELTA C-shape 2012RRP completekite only
Bandit V 5 1599 1149
Bandit V 6 1699 1249
Bandit V 7 1799 1349
Bandit V 8 1899 1449
Bandit V 9 1999 1549
Bandit V 10 2099 1649
Bandit V 11 2199 1749
Bandit V 12 2299 1849
Bandit V 14 2399 1949

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Mats review
B5 instantly feels crisp light and fast for anyone who flies it. Awesome acceleration on tap, cutting like a knife through gusts and lulls alike. So much depower its crazy, so tight and responsive, just brilliant. The thinner sharper profile and LE achieve a better result in terms of getting the kite closer to the edge when you need it most, cutting through everything making it even more controllable, quick and precise, plus I find it absorbs and translates more smoothly than last years B4. And the new airlite bar sets it off perfectly, super simple clean and strong, exactly the right cross section comfortable and compact. And regarding lightness even though more reinforcements and extra Kevlar patches are all over the 20% less volume of air inflation overall reduces weight through less Dacron in the strut and LE. Apparently it also allows more twist for less effort so giving a quicker and easier handling with more precision which is the last point. Getting used to this kite was unbelievably quick and fun for me. Actually apart from the graphics at first glance its a very familiar shape to last year. So the devil is in the detail which is very reassuring as so many knew and loved the B4 so much. The graphics are a radical departure from the royal theme of previous years, and they grew on me real quick. Super classy and standout in the air as we always expect from F-one. Picking up the new and very bling bag with a matching graphic you notice the lighter weight per size. And pumping 20% less air will be good too. Get on it and get your own B5 grin.