2013 Bandit6 F-one kite

Bandit 6 2013 Edition

F-ONE patented Delta C Shape design offers ultimate performance in all kiteboarding disciplines. Perfect efficiency, directness and lift without any sacrifice in safety or convenience. The 2013 B6 is the latest evolution of this design, often imitated but never matched.

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What is our goal? How do we improve such a successful kite?

F-one’s relentless desire to improve combined with the most demanding test schedule and anticipation of riding trends such as unstrapped wave riding and freestyle lead to 3 key advances.
    1 increase the wind range even more
    2 lightness of handling and direct response
 3 Feel.. a new dimension of fine-tuning details invisible to the eye and not from mathematical models or smoke tests, but making the final difference for the awesome B6 kite.

Our sport is not only about pure performance which F-one have mastered, its also improving sensations and enjoyment when riding the famous F-one Bandits.

The feel of the Bandit 6 in a few words: Even more stable, less unwanted movement, greater smoothness, control and less lateral forces. All this added to a definite lighter feeling and a more efficient, and direct feel through the new machine-core bar.

Tested in difficult conditions and various wind speeds B6 works perfectly everywhere. It depowers on a shorter throw and offers even more precise reactivity.
perfect direct feel and the efficiency of the bar when it is sheeted out, but also in the sheeted in position like during a jump. better direct control of all the shape changes in powered and overpowered situations as well as the lateral forces produced by the kite in the high wind range.
more steady traction and a less violent reaction to gusts. not the easy option of a lower profile, since we didn’t want to penalize the low wind range and the legendary power of the Bandit: quite the opposite! The vertical lift for a high jump is still there, but even easier to bring into play.
B6 is more dynamic and feels like it lost some weight. But not through skimping on any reinforcements, our force frame construct or using lighter material. we worked on the dynamic weight for an improved sensation.

"Theres only one"

F-one created a “cult classic” kite when they introduced Delta C-shape and the Bandit line of wings. Every year more and more frothing customers come back with pre-orders and are excited to see how the new model goes. It’s a huge task to produce a perfect kite for all disciplines and styles rather than a kite that does just one thing…

Measurements and technical spec – pumping the B6 up next to the B5 it looks almost identical in the aspect ratio, strut size and panel placement. No radical changes to the main structure, which is reassuring. The foil looks slightly sharper and the bridle points and dimensions are slightly different. And once again F-one are the brand for quality and presentation over every inch of the brilliant B6.

2013 B6

Mats review - So heres Mats rundown on the brand new B6 after a solid week of kiting it.

F-one have focused on refining the feel of the kite in the riders hands, I rode the 9 and 10 back to back with the B5 model then some other sizes in varying winds to really get that “feel”. First off I found a more positive bar, as it was more consistent pressure through the entire range of the super short depower throw. This trait really sets the F-one apart from other kites, and is the first thing riders generally adjust to, moving the bar less definitely gives more… A little lighter to adjust power and hold the bar in midrange, a little more solid at full depower, and a different progressive turning leverage. Not necessarily quicker to turn (the B5 was perfect speed) and similar final result at full lock but with a little more pressure through the early and mid bar angles on the 10m at least. By putting my hands a little wider on the bar (not touching) I was getting even more direct response and feedback compared to the B5 which was great.

Secondly I was getting more lift in less wind closer to the edge. Incredibly easy upwind with less kite movement and speed. And super fast top end off the wind, it felt like limitless acceleration in 20knots. I did feel like the kites tracking speed from center to edge in stronger gusts was a little slower, but more manageable as there are less lateral forces pulling you off rail through the swoop if you are relaxed in your sheeting. That adjustment to flying style helped me a lot, relaxing my grip and letting the kite run a bit more brought out the best in the B6.

Finally the feel of the kite matched with the monolith machined core bar was extremely precise, inspiring confidence at all points of transition. Very soon I found that I could control the power and turns at more radical angles of attack ie closer to the edge and get instant feedback at all points. The drift and depowered response was a revelation. For the smaller sizes this translated to throwing later loops, pulling the kite back again to loop it even later and lower in the jumps / glide, plus further to the sides for a really fun sensation and catch. On the surfboard it meant more freedom to draw out turns and redirect spontaneously, with less slackline or surging. In the larger sizes I noticed nice steady power and hangtime. F-one spent this year working on improving the feel of the B6. They are the most rigorous and committed kite co I know for R&D. And it shows. All up B6 delivers a really dialed feel that certainly broadens the sweet spot and smile on my dial.

Mitu Montiero's review - I spoke to Mitu about the B6 before its public launch and he said "of course we love all the new f.one gear. concern the kites i have to say that although there is little visual material difference from the B5, you have to try it to understand a real difference. I mean the B5 was already incredibly good product, massive jump in comparison to the B4, whereas the B6 follow the similar line of the previous year, mostly improve the feel and adding just some more details. Also about the surfboards they are, in my opinion, much improved on the last years. Especially the 5.10“ and 6.0" that i found very good in riding waves as well as for doing strapless! Enjoy."

To sum up, I hope you get the chance to ride this one kite. After all “theres only one” brilliant B6.

PDF download with colours etc at left. To buy or demo the B6 choose a retailer from our shop page above, or email@m8kite.com

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F-one B6 DELTA C-shape 2012RRP completekite only
Bandit VI 5 1599 1149
Bandit VI 6 1699 1249
Bandit VI 7 1799 1349
Bandit VI 8 1899 1449
Bandit VI 9 1999 1549
Bandit VI 10 2099 1649
Bandit VI 11 2199 1749
Bandit VI 12 2299 1849
Bandit VI 14 2399 1949

pics thanks to Beck Colefax