2015 Manera EXO harness

Now well established as the premier harness. Manera EXO 2015

After 2 years of development, thousands of hours on the water, extreme testing at Human Kinetics Science Lab. MANERA EXO harness became simply the ultimate waist harness on the market ! Now well proven on the water, it must be sampled to appreciate the incredible comfort and support compared to all others.

  • EDF (Energy Dispersion Frame)
  • Cocoon Concept
  • Ergonomic Prefit
  • Seamless Neoprene Area
  • Down Hold webbing System
  • Tuck fix System (eliminates spreader roll)
  • MANERA leash release

More accessories are coming soon from the Manera label, excellent quality and perfect performance. demos are at the good shops now email@f-oneaustralia.com



Manera EXO waist harnesssizing XS,S,M,Mtall,L,Ltall,XL,XLtall,XXLRRP 329
Manera EXO spreader barssizing 22,24,28,32,34included or 89 for extra