F-one Airlite control bar

Perfect for all sizes Bandit4 kite the all new Airlite alloy control bar from F-one kites features several new advantages. For a start one continuous peice of alloy forms the skeleton right from tip to tip. This makes it a hell of a lot stronger than composite bars, virtually unbreakable by man. Motocross bikes run alloy bars for this reason. If the strength was ok then the direct feel and fingertip precision are phenomenal. F-one are famous for design and durability so they made the Airlite for ultimate lightweight, stiffness and strength. And for the most comfortable interface to the rider. The awesome aesthetics complement perfectly the performance of this bar and F-one kites. As with all F-one product itís a cut above in looks and feel. The Airlite functions beautifully with the self aligning F-one c-loop and center safety.

Fone Airlite Bar 2011 from Julian Hosp on Vimeo.

control bar sizescomplete RRPbare RRP
45 or 55cm499299
F-one QR leash4941 with bar