World speed record

10 Oct 07. Its official... F-one Bandit is the worlds fastest kite. On the 9th October Bandit ridden by Alex Caizergues acheived 47.92 nautical miles per hour or 86.25 km/h against all comers in Luderitz Namibia. So the 2008 F-one Bandit adds the new world speedkiting record to its top standings in surfkiting and freestyle competition. The old record held for 3 years by Olaf Marting was repeatedly smashed during the PKRA and world sanctioned speed event over a 500m course. French rider Alex finally proving beyond doubt that Bandit is the worlds fastest kite and the second fastest sailcraft ever with a speed less than one knot behind the outright record held by a sailboarder. Congratulations to Alex and the F-one team for a great victory after a year of dominance in speed, and also Sjoukje Bredenkamp for her new womens kitespeed record at 42.53 knots. For more information look at

And remember the choice is clear, Bandit Delta C-shape from F-one.

27 Sept 07. Press release from the Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia Africa. Last week a new Kitespeed World Record was acheived by Alex Caizergues of France, shown at left riding a 6m Bandit on short lines... yeeehaa. On Saturday September 14th, Alex set a new Kitespeed World Record at 44,55 knots over the 500m course in Luderitz.  Beating the old record by almost 3 knots. The previous 3 years old record was held by Olaf Marting.

The F-one site has more speed information online. And there is a cool new team blog section too. Check it out now. If you want to feel how fast the Bandit Delta C-shape kite is for yourself just get in touch with M8 to organise your test fly. We guarantee you will be impressed by everything about it.

29-Oct-07 8:01PM