Kitesurf/Kiteboard 2032

The Olympics seems so far away, but actually time is short and Australia needs every minute of it to be our best.   17-Apr-23 5:39AM


In its 3rd decade and into the 3rd millenia M8 remains a point of reference and an opportunity to celebrate, even to launch fresh enterprise building strong development pathways for the future.   30-Jan-20 1:22AM

beware foiling fools

What do you get combining foils with fools   13-Jan-20 9:25PM

Mitu makes the Front cover... again

Mitu Monteiro, the worlds favourite rider riding our favourite board. His promodel surf, on the cover of yet another magazine!   3-Feb-16 1:38AM

Come and try / foiling

Come and get some great tips on kiting and foiling from Ryan   19-Jan-16 6:00PM

F-one 2016 on tour

Coming soon to a beach near you. F-one kite and SUP!   10-Nov-15 5:15AM

1st ride Bandit9

Read the ride report here from Aussie riders. F-one Bandit9 2016 kites.   9-Sep-15 1:11PM

F-one kite 2016 Bandit & boards for you

2016 F-one kitesurf is here. 2016 Bandit, 2016 boards, 2016 surf, Color your ride!   17-Aug-15 11:55AM

F-one 2016 is nearly here!

Kite SUP and new Foil! get ready for 2016 F-one.   12-Aug-15 1:59PM

F-one foilkite

Fresh from 1st races with impressive podium results the new F-one foilkites are in demand!   1-Jun-15 6:58AM

F-one Standup Paddle

As the season changes we look forward to a whole lot of F-one fun on their awesome standup paddle boards, come and join us !   28-Apr-15 3:36PM

F-one on tour

Coming soon to a beach near you! The worlds #1 voted kitesurf kite 'F-one Bandit" and current world champion 'F-one SUP'... the F-one 2015 tour heads south this October.   28-Sep-14 9:18PM

2015 F-one SUP

From the current world championship SUP brand, F-one 2015 catalogue flipbook for your viewing pleasure. Its "the year" for F-one!   7-Sep-14 4:28PM

Bandit voted king of kites... again

Theres no higher accolade in the world of kites. F-one Bandit makes a clean sweep.   9-Mar-14 8:10PM

Manera EXO harness WIN IT NOW!

The new Manera harness from F-one sets a new benchmark for comfort and performance. And to celebrate the launch of the most refined harness ever we are giving one away !   29-Jan-14 5:57PM

TOU KOREK video F-one SUP 2014

The 2014 boards and paddles penultimate performance from F-one. See what the buzz is all about on these brilliant boards...   24-Nov-13 4:03PM

GIFT. new video from F-one

Kite F-one family living it up on the incredible new gear. Get yourself some of this goodness and get happy. One kite for all, all for one.   19-Nov-13 1:14PM

Manera and 2014 launch

Manera kite harness, accessories, anticipated, and 2014 F-one launch summary   30-Sep-13 11:03PM

Helical Rail Design

The biggest improvement in twintip design ever!   30-Sep-13 11:03PM

F-one Mitupro surf 2014

The board we always dreamed of is finally arrived. 2014 Mitupro.   20-Sep-13 1:48AM

F-one 2014 Bandit7 kite

Latest and greatest, next installment of the king of all kites, the 2014 Bandit exceeds all expectations. One seriously kickass kite to conquer all.   20-Sep-13 1:48AM

F-one kitesurf 2014 catalogue

Without further ado, the complete 2014 kitesurf catalogue from F-one for your viewing pleasure   3-Sep-13 2:49PM

F-one Bandit7 2014 kite prelude

The one that we've been waiting for   3-Sep-13 3:02AM

F-one Bandit voted best ever kite!

Iksurf magazine global poll winner - F-one Bandit the best ever kite worldwide.   11-Jun-13 2:36PM

The TRUST kite from F-one

New F-one kite model for freeride kiters everywhere !   13-Feb-13 5:40AM

Mobi friendly online catalogue F-one SUP

Simply beautiful boards. Something to set you above the rest.   10-Jan-13 1:12PM

Happy Holidays

Are you getting the most out of this holidays with the most awesome kites, boards, standups and paddles in the universe... spoil yourself with something special from F-one..   3-Jan-13 4:17PM

Redpaddleco inflatable 2013

New range from Redpaddleco the worlds leading inflatable standup board brand   6-Nov-12 10:57AM

Sensational spring SUP sessions

Its warming up everywhere south of the equator, and F-one SUP are the hottest boards out there.   24-Sep-12 4:40AM

Bandit6 the ultim8 kite from F-one

The latest and greatest from F-one   6-Sep-12 12:29PM

B6 LAUNCH just 3 weeks to go



1 month till the official global unveiling of the much anticipated B6 kite   8-Aug-12 3:01AM

Standup winter events

Keep fit and keep balanced with water time on the awesome F-one standup boards   4-Jun-12 3:09AM

Front cover Supmag

Congrats to Mat and Beck for nailing the Front Cover of Supmag. 1st whitewater supcover !   3-May-12 11:59AM

QLD demo dates

We are hitting the road around QLD with a vanload of kites, boards, standups and accessories.   20-Mar-12 4:55AM

WA . F-one . Redair

Nathan is making a tour of WA with a bunch of demo F-one gear to show everyone   23-Feb-12 8:12PM

January REDpaddletribe FNQ

Mixin it up, takin a break and kickin back in the pond or bombin down the rapids. You'd love this.   16-Jan-12 6:27PM

Merry Xmas

Christmas day brings the biggest swell we have seen in ages to our local on the Sunny coast !   24-Dec-11 10:03PM


Get a FREE DVD and sticker from F-one !   8-Dec-11 8:54PM

Dec demo dayz

On show the new range of kites and sup boards from F-one   28-Nov-11 7:54PM

Nov demo dayz

The M8 van is heading south this month from QLD down to VIC with a load of 2012 gear doing demo stops along the way.   7-Nov-11 6:12PM

Antandroy the movie download

Even better than anticipated Antandroy is a must see for any kiter worth their salt   3-Nov-11 4:42PM

Preview teaser of F-one movie 'Antandroy'

See the preview here and stay tuned for the release of 'Antandroy' F-one's latest kickass movie   15-Oct-11 12:07PM

M8 F-one Redpaddle demo dayz

October we kick off with an M8, F-one and Redpaddle demo tour in QLD   26-Sep-11 3:50PM

F-one 2012 Product launch wrap

Its been a blast, the 2012 gear kicks ass, heres a wrap from the F-one 2012 Dday. Video next week. enjoy.   8-Sep-11 6:48AM

F-one 2012 product launch day 4

Like a kid in a candy store, so many new toys from F-one kitesurf and sup..   7-Sep-11 5:50AM

F-one 2012 product launch day 2

2nd part of the F-one 2012 dday writeup, new gear, new rides, new buzz, click on the pic at left...   4-Sep-11 11:29AM

The 2012 F-one range report

Live from the F-one kitesurf 2012 product launch, updated daily until its done.   1-Sep-11 8:47PM

For hi res download pdf above
F-one Boards brochure preview

What are you into right now... theres something in the 2012 F-one board lineup just for you.   1-Sep-11 12:02AM

page 3 lores, for hi res download pdf above
Bandit5 brochure preview

Youve been wondering, waiting, well no longer. Here it is the 2012 F-one Bandit5 brochure !   30-Aug-11 1:24AM

Whats on the cards for 2012

Countdown to Dday F-ONE 2012 RELEASE !   13-Aug-11 2:19AM

Hope island

Remote, unspoiled, perfection.   11-Aug-11 3:50AM

WA winter wanderings

Nathan and Andre charging the wild west waves   8-Aug-11 5:34AM

Kitesurf Gold to Sunshine Coasts

this weeks news . Moti Levis report on riding the F-one Volt 11m 150km from the Gold to the Sunshine Coast.   20-Jul-11 6:09PM

VOLT / NEXT charging your senses

Kicking off the 2012 season with F-one VOLT kites and NEXT boards   14-Jul-11 4:30AM

Kite Karnivale

F-one flying all over Australia and abroad   30-May-11 5:51PM

F-one . M8 . Redpaddle winter tour

We are travelling the QLD coast again Late May early June. Maybe your local, or could use a quick break there, Or fancy a trip to Fiji... Want to check out the next boards and Volt kites. We would love to have your company.   5-May-11 1:20PM


Prize draw will be Tuesday morning 10 may. You can still register and email us b4 that day. For demo dates look at M8 news page.   31-Mar-11 5:22PM

Andres instructions
Andre amps it up in Perth

Andre Cater in Perth will have a bunch of demo gear and bag full of tips to share Friday 8th April.   31-Mar-11 5:11PM

Sunday sessions

Come and kite with the M8 crew, Next sessions Easter Sunshine coast Sat Maroochy and Sunday Caloundra, check out the gear, get some tips, share the stoke of surfing and kiting.   3-Mar-11 5:28AM

F-one camps coverage OS

Theres a lot of F-one coverage next issues of the Aussie mags and even OS..   18-Feb-11 4:27PM

F-one team tours mexico

Well south of the border anyway... VIC and SA klinics wrap up, and week of wind.   14-Feb-11 3:28PM


The 1st kiteboarders.   3-Feb-11 8:07PM

F-one kite klinics for you

Julian Hosp returns down under for the final kite klinic this summer. 7 - 13 Feb at St Kilda. Be quick to secure your spot.   31-Jan-11 12:34PM

F-one first both Redbull races vid

A video of the Redbull lighthouse kiterace from Rottnest island to Perth. Alex Caizergues convincingly conquering all comers on his F-one Bandit4 kites, the same weekend that Mitu Montiero took his F-one Bandits to victory in the PKRA gold coast QLD race.   8-Jan-11 2:08AM

Happy New Year from F-one

Heres looking forward to plenty of quality water time in 2011   28-Dec-10 11:21PM

Merry Xmas M8

Big discounts for F-one passing on the strong Aussie dollar deals. Merry Christmas to all.   21-Dec-10 3:16PM

F-one 1st and fastest

F-one wins Redbull Lighthouse race WA, and PKRA downwind race same weekend.   19-Dec-10 2:06PM

Meet Mitu

Surf freestyle innovator and afro legend Mitu Montiero is on the Sunshine Coast   13-Dec-10 1:02PM

Julian Hosp Kite Klinic

Only a few days till the Freestyle kite klinic by international pro Julian Hosp in Maroochydore, $499 and only a few places left so BOOK NOW !   8-Dec-10 7:53PM

B4 Airlite bar upgrade offer

If you were lucky enough to get one of the 1st Bandit4 kites and now want to upgrade your control bar now is your chance !   6-Dec-10 3:35PM

Source and Redair video

Ryan Palk has made this cool little video of his first time out on the Source kite with the Red Air inflatable board   4-Nov-10 8:37PM

Doin it in the pool is cool

Sup in the swimpool ! The RED inflatable sups are without a doubt the most durable, versatile and valuepacked board you will ever own.   23-Oct-10 5:00PM


Breaking news the 100kmh barrier + sailspeed record outright all classes falls to Alex Caziergues and F-one Bandit4 kites.   13-Oct-10 12:42PM

Great Keppel kite race

Speed machine   12-Oct-10 3:18PM

Comparison Bandit IV to BIII

Forget the forums, heres what real riders reckon   30-Sep-10 6:44PM

Source Supkite Journeys

A whole new adventure and exploration   26-Sep-10 10:34AM

Bandit IV preview

Video teaser F-one Bandit IV   21-Sep-10 1:55AM

F-one team & tour to Australia

Kite klinics and tourstops this summer for F-ones top pro-riders   19-Sep-10 3:28PM

F-one 2011 product launch

Reporting Live from the international F-one product launch of all the 2011 range   12-Sep-10 7:32PM

Source satisfaction

More than double your watertime and satisfaction   6-Sep-10 3:46AM

Rudi Shwartz at Shipsterns

Nothing to do with kiting or SUP   4-Sep-10 12:51AM

SOURCE 1st impressions

2 lines just too good   16-Aug-10 4:44AM

Bandit IV

The most anticipated kite for the season   10-Aug-10 5:55PM

The Source from F-one

A fantastic concept and innovation in kiteboarding   2-Aug-10 5:20AM

Kite board packages and courses

Looking for the perfect combo, or need to stretch your coin, consider M8 package deals   23-Jul-10 7:33PM

RedpaddleX River runs

1st ever paddleX a winner for all participants July 2010   15-Jul-10 3:26AM

Red Air Reef tours

An awesome new way to experience the rich coral reefs of port douglas in Far North QLD   17-Jun-10 4:56PM

Red Air River Rush

Inflatable Red Airs ruling down the rainforest rivers of FNQ   31-May-10 1:30PM

snowkiting season

Backcountry bliss for the adventurous kiter   31-May-10 12:11PM

Red paddle tribe heads north

our annual winter migration draws near   5-May-10 4:47AM


Only while stocks last F-one Bandit III kites prices slashed !   1-Apr-10 9:05PM

Tours Demos & Events schedule

Go on surfari with your kites or Stand Up Paddle Boards. Get some warm winter riding, meet other riders, keep the spirit   25-Feb-10 4:53PM

Nathan heads to Kitestock WA

M8 sponsors kitestock and sends Nathan Katterns over   16-Feb-10 4:24PM

M8 Mambo mission

M8 Hits the road again for another round of demos   1-Dec-09 10:47PM

Surfkite klinics a big success

A great weekend of wind and waves for all   18-Oct-09 8:20PM

F-one 2010 preview

New photos and write up of the 2010 range from Mauritius Dday. "everyone�s pumped, the new kites look and feel great."   3-Aug-09 6:40AM

Tropical Aussie Kite trips

BOOK NOW FOR JULY   2-Jul-09 5:23AM

Warm winter trade winds

Just a few sequences from July   2-Jul-09 5:06AM

Long Distance record

Another world record   24-May-09 5:07PM

Affiliate riders charging Tassie

Rudi and Andi Schwartz at Shipsterns   22-Apr-09 7:35PM

M8 Tannum Easter demo day

The worlds fastest kites on display   30-Mar-09 3:28AM

More toys to squeeze in the garage

SUP something else to think about   5-Mar-09 8:03PM

M8 family fun

They start em young   18-Jan-09 9:30PM

M8 on tour

The new kites and boards go on tour January 09   14-Jan-09 6:39PM

Nathan Katterns joins M8

Working together for the future   20-Nov-08 1:17PM

2009 kiteboards arrive

New models released   5-Nov-08 8:34PM

World record, historic moment

For the 1st time kites gain outright speedsailing world record   17-Oct-08 3:11AM

2009 Bandit Dos kite from F-one

A preview of the ultim8 kite for you.   9-Sep-08 9:41PM

Movin it in Madagascar

No penguins and no lemurs but some beautiful Bandit Dos kites   26-Aug-08 12:33PM

Quality time and kiteboarding

Recharging the batteries   10-Aug-08 9:31PM

Winter getaway FNQ

Wheres warm and windy in winter ? FNQ thats where   3-Aug-08 1:15AM

Foilboard funfest 10-12 May

A fantastic sunny day on the foilboard   19-May-08 7:14PM

Foilboarding adventure

the newest rush on the water   11-Feb-08 5:44PM

New Years celebration

What a way to celebr8   6-Jan-08 5:04PM

Gift voucher

M8 gift vouchers are the perfect Christmas or anytime gift   13-Dec-07 6:47PM

video teaser online

Kitesurfing unleashed and unstrapped   11-Dec-07 8:38PM

M8 grassroots action

M8 working to prevent bans on kiteboarding !   2-Dec-07 10:29PM

Terry pulling the trigger
M8 goes to Hervey Bay

Demo Dayz continue in Hervey Bay   15-Nov-07 5:36PM

World speed record

Luderitz speed challenge Namibia   29-Oct-07 8:01PM

F1 & M8 demo tour of WA Sept/Oct 2007!

Come and try the 2008 F1 Bandit kites and M8 boards!   4-Sep-07 4:25PM

M8 kiteboards new range

Aussie boards for Aussie riders, the 2008 M8 board range is on the water !   14-Aug-07 5:26PM

Delta C-shape kites, the choice will be clear

F1 leads the way in 2008 with their patent pending Delta C-shape kite design   8-Aug-07 4:40PM