Foilboarding FAQ

2007 Foilboarding FAQ courtesy Australias first kiter and first foilboarder Mat Colefax   15-Jan-08 12:38AM

Inflatable all terrain SUP boards

Air Inflatable FAQ

More info and sales of Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards are at   24-Jan-10 8:54PM

Product archives

2013 F-one Twintip board range

from the first company in the world to market kiteboards   27-Aug-09 2:42AM

F-one accessories and add ons

Bolt on bits to bling up your F-one kit.   27-Nov-11 8:56PM

F-one assembly and tuning

VIDEO tips and tricks to assemble and tune your F-one gear for maximum effect.   4-Jan-12 10:44PM

F-one Source supkite

Now ride every day (you want to) with F-one Source standup kite   6-Oct-10 3:26PM

F-one Tshirt MX wet & dry

Purpose built kiteboarding apparell.   8-Jan-09 8:55PM

Foilboard Carbon Carafino

The 1st carbon foilboard, Carafino produce a premium product.   16-Sep-07 3:57PM

Free movie downloads

Full length videos online   3-Jan-08 9:03PM


Airblast Pro 10th anniversary edition

The long awaited new release from the 1st kiteboarding Co.   15-Nov-07 5:38PM

XM8 boards - Hibern8'd production

DEK kiteboards

Ultim8 quality and performance   19-Jan-10 9:39PM

M8 Beaver Surfboard

unstrapped surf specific kiteboard   17-Aug-09 7:06AM

M8 DEKlite board

Get a great kite session in next to no wind   3-Nov-09 8:33PM

M8 Ultim8 Stand Up Paddle

Our Ultim8 board for SUP enthusiasts   23-Nov-09 10:17PM

Mutant offset stance option

The ultim8 setup for SS surf riding   24-Oct-07 5:24PM