F-one kite klinics for you

During the St Kilda festival kitesurfing is a centerpeice of the action, and Julian Hosps legendary kite klinic is set to be the prize for the lucky few who sign up now. Promo poster at left.

Not only will they get the benefit of advancing as stated in the testimonials below, all participants also go in the draw for a prize F-one twintip board ! Sign up now at contact@kitemag.com.au to secure your spot.

Testimonial - Hi F-one Australia,

First I would like to thank you and F-one for coordinating the kite camp at Scott and Jaqui's place in Little Douglas Bay. Excellent location and fantastic hosts,thank you both Scott and Jacqui for the invitation to participate.
To receive coaching from a true professional such as Julian Hosp is a rare opportunity for kiters living in relatively remote coastal communities. The coaching was goal orientated and tailored to each riders level and degree of competence which varied significantly between the six of us who attended.
Spending time with Julian and Jac (a great team) also gave me a greater insight into the effort required by professional riders to travel, work, train, compete, coach and promote kiting globally as an extreme yet versatile sport.
Jule is very approachable and extremely professional providing constructive criticism and structure in his coaching methods that gives riders confidence to attempt the steps needed to achieve their riding goals. Jule through his own kiting ability can both intimidate and inspire riders of all levels whether being coached or just watching from the beach.......which is a good thing right.
I would highly recommend f-one continue to support, promote and perhaps expand this style of coaching clinic.
Even though Jule may not see himself as a salesman he definitely is an ambassador for f-one and the sport of kiting, a true professional always on the job with one eye permanently fixed on the wind.

Thanks once again Mat, M8, f-one, huge thanks Scott and Jacqui, Waxy, Jarrod, Sam, Jule and Jac.

7 days...best $500 I ever spent.

Garry Seidl      

pictures courtesy Jacqueline

Sign up now for the next klinic in Melbourne 7-13 February contact@kitemag.com.au

see the poster at left for details

F-ONE Camp Eyre Peninsula South Australia with Julian Hosp from Julian Hosp on Vimeo.

Sign up now for the next klinic in Melbourne 7-13 February contact@kitemag.com.au

31-Jan-11 12:34PM