Here at M8 the 1st kiteboarders we seek out the ultim8 equipment for this great sport we started. F-one makes it easy, One kite supreme for all disciplines. And its great to hear that from our customers like below:

Re the Bandit 4s I purchased. These kites are absolutely brilliant. They are generations ahead of the Rally, Wainman, RRD, Core and Naish range which I tried before buying the Bandits. Best part is that they are also made surf tough. I've put them through some hell down at Margaret River over Jan.

Philip Ellis WA

Got my bandit 4 and love them. The Airlite bars were worth the wait, all good now. I had the bandit 1 before so I really like the lighter bar pressure and awesome performance.

F. Frietag Fiji

We honestly admire what you, Mat & Beck Colefax have done from the start of Kiteboarding in Oz and your honesty with your customers is amazing. Thanks you guys for your hard work and all your effort/time/money you have put into the industry. You guys are the Original Champs and should be recognised by all kiteboarders in Oz.  Thanks again!

Kind regards......Scotty and Jacqui
Xtreme Kites & Paddle SA

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3-Feb-11 8:07PM