F-one team tours mexico

From F-one team rider Christelle,

Few words to mention that the Warnnambool national Comp was great and that i did not expected the weather to be so cold! I did not bring my full wet suit and did freeze my ass a bit! Even if I did not make it to the final, I had a great time and met a great amount of new kiters from all over, nice people!
after that event, was the F-one clinic at the Week of Wind in Melbourne VIC. Hosted by George from Kitemag. Look out for lots of coverage in the next issue, and my full page picture.
It was nice to see Julian Hosp again, he is a very nice guy and very easy to get motivated with ! The klinic went well but we unfortunately did not have the best wind so we made some short surfaris and I still learn few tricks that i can now practice by myself back in Sydney!

George did get us an accommodation in Habitat hostel for our week in Melbourne. It was a very nice hostel ( backpacker) which we can reccomend without hesitation. We did a presentation, promoting the sport as well as F-one kites! Then we did have fun with Georges kite event on saturday !
So over all it was 2 great weeks!

I am loving flying  the F-one kites.

Thanks Mat and Nathan at M8

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14-Feb-11 3:28PM