VOLT / NEXT charging your senses

We love getting crispy new kites this time of year, frothing over shiny new F-one stuff. Right now The all new VOLT kite from F-one together with their NEXT kiteboard is charging our senses!. We have been riding this new combo in all conditions and we can positively confirm it is the perfect package for nearly everyone. we put a brief review here for you.

Priced very aggressively the VOLT and NEXT still feature the supreme build quality F-one are famous for, with japanese made fabrics and force frame construction. The trademark direct F-one response and smooth feel is not compromised. The big question is how does it compare to the Bandit ?

It is the same kite material and construction as the Bandit, but the bar is a cheaper composite with plastic ends and no swivels or mechanicals, like all F-ones it has the PU sheathed depower plus the extremely simple, clean and functional layout we have come to love from F-one. The kitebag is also simpler witout extendable sections. And our guess is they also saved on VOLT R&D by blending all the best of the first few bandit models into this brilliant design.

On our 1st flight we were immediately struck by how easy it was to go upwind and time our jumps. Having the deep center chord to pull against gives loads of drive at any speed or point in the window. And the detuned profile does wonders for confidence. It did not take us long to get used to the more basic bar either, as always we love the super simple self positioning UPS on a short comfy stick, its a common comment that riders love the slim and simple F-one bars.

As a lower aspect more pronounced Delta than the new Bandits it is more forgiving and much more auto. Taming down the punchy power delivery and awesome accelleration of the new Bandits makes the VOLT a less intimidating kite absolutely spot on for waveriding and learning new moves. Obviously it has great attraction for begginners and weekend warriors too. Combining the easy relaunch and bottom end power everyone loved about the early Bandit kites with the short bridles and lighter handling of the new models.

Designed in tandem with the new NEXT kiteboard, 135x39, 138x40 or 140x42 This tight package is an upwind weapon and beautiful boosting pair which will comfortably take riders from their 1st try right through to advanced manouvres. And there is a size combo for every rider and every style. NEXT is no cheap chinese board, made in Europe just like the legendary Trax and Acid models it is clearly a high quality product with performance to match.

The NEXT board also features unibox fins, a massive recent improvement above everything else available as it removes screws from inside the fin foil so allowing the optimum foilshape, thickness and flex. Like all F-one twintips it is a Timbercore board, and of course has the excellent straploc fittings for ultimate comfort and control. Ironing out the chop, railing through the turns and catapulting into jumps NEXT and VOLT are a match made in heaven.

Mix n match, what about other boards you say ? no problem, the VOLT transcends your expectations no matter what you ride. We particularly love it on bare surfboards as it is so predictable and smooth you can rule the waves as never before. Any twintip will go better with a VOLT, we also cant wait to try it out in the park unhooked, hitting sliders and kickers even on a sk8 should be awesome with such a tractable and user friendly kite. Likewise the NEXT board rocks regardless of whats towing it.

4 or 5 lines, Here at M8 the 1st kiteboarders we monitor requests and respond in kind for example many riders are comfortable and familiar with 5th lines. And there is a 5th line kit compatible with all F-one VOLT and BANDIT kites available now. It takes a few minutes to retrofit and works a treat for those tricky launch and landing spots. There is also a stopper ball, 2m line extensions and shorter depower throws, and even a full length front line kit to trick up your F-one ! For more info or to get some to your local retailer contact us at email@m8kite.com

It is always our pleasure to help riders get the most out of their kiteboarding, and we work with great shops and schools all around Australia and the world so no matter what your location, level or request dont hesitate to drop us a line. Especially when it comes to parts, upgrades and tuning for F-one kites we take pride in serving you.

Kitesurfing is a precious experience, especially the early stages of wonder and discovery. You may note the kickass motorbike pictured at left. Our son T who loves to ride as much as we do. He worked hard and saved diligently for his 1st bike, and when the time came we went the extra mile to get a KTM instead of cheap chinese rip offs. European long lasting quality, safety and performance = fun and value to ride. Why compromise with copycat kites either. Make the most of the ride, choose F-one.

VOLT and NEXT from F-one charge your senses


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