Kitesurf Gold to Sunshine Coasts

Long distance kiting is a favourite pastime for a growing number of fans. Last month Moti Levi from AR wakensurf and Luke Parsons kited over 150km from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast in one day. Riding F-ones new VOLT 11m kite and a 138cm twintip the run was a warmup for his planned 250km Cairns to Lizard Island mission this month. And the new VOLT kite worked great. In his own words "F-one is 100% faster". Here is Motis account of the GC to SC run:

On our way to Narrowneck we were excited to see it was getting really windy, I was glad to have the brand new VOLT 11m kite from F-one, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to try it out, a brave move for such a big run, especially without backup or safety boats. As we rigged up we realised it was actually extremely gusty, 10-25 knots. Tough conditions, but the VOLT was stable and gave me confidence to go. Setting off at 9:30am I really noticed the awesome wind range of this kite in the tricky conditions, definitely very well behaved, 50min later we arrived at north stradbroke island. We were flying. We then headed up through the bay at times the wind hitting 35 to 40 knots. In open water the swell was getting up over 15 feet and really rough, but the VOLT was reassuringly balanced and steady, responsive, but parking nicely at the right point for maximum comfort and speed. Speed was incredible, definitely a whole lot faster than the kite Luke was using (not F-one) Riding switch was easy and about 10% of the time I rode toeside. All the time I felt the VOLT generated perfect smooth power delivery. Really comfortable and instinctive to control. The stability was also excellent with a nice steady light bar. This made for a great ride to enjoy. Along the way we passed over some very big shadows, at least one dugong bigger than my car, and the rest we rather not know. Thankfully the gear, the wind, and our legs held out. We arrived at Caloundra around 5:30pm completely low profile, nobody would have guessed at the distance mission we had just completed. After packing up we caught a taxi to the bar and warmed up while waiting for our ride back. The adventure was an inspiration, and I cannot wait for the Lizard Island epic. Moti.

Stay tuned to this site for the updates, and ask your local shop for a ride on the Volt and Next as shown at left. for any info.

20-Jul-11 6:09PM