Mutant offset stance option

Whats old is new. Get the mutant feel on your M8 twintip board. Simply offset the stance by moving both straps towards one end of the board. You will be amazed at the difference for wave riding, and how the speed and handling in reverse are not hugely compromised. It literally is the best of both twintip and mutant feel, give it a go today and if you really like it we can supply bigger fins for the rear. Of course its easy to swap the straps back to an even stance position at any time. Our own team often run offset for surf and centered for flat water which co-incides with the spring season. One board for all seasons is within your reach.

For 2008 we deliver the most popular and proven method of assembling kiteboards, with our own unique features. Each component follows our philosophy of simple, strong and comfortable connections to your equipment. Our unique footpads are contoured and textured for ultim8 grip and control. You will love the large instep support and toe ridges. Perfect to combine with our adjustable widestraps. Contact us for a demo today

24-Oct-07 5:24PM