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F-one Bandit5 the latest release from the inventors of Delta C-shape and the longest running kite company still going today... Check it out now.

This week is like Xmas for us, all the new kites, boards, surf.... man its cool to be a part of. So to kick things off here is the official pdf at top left, with graphic presentation and key points of difference. Reading this has really got us fired up to actually ride the beast. And you can be assured the moment we can do it, we will put the results up here on this site for your reading pleasure.... and perv at a few new photo pics.  

Its been a long journey for us, many years of product releases and new lines, new designs, new ways of coming at things. And this year 2012 F-one brings it all together, digging right to the roots of our passion for kitesurf with one kite model for all riders... all disciplines ... all styleurs. The Bandit5.

The breif was clear - range, lightness, handling. We all wonder how much real improvement can they acheive from the Bandit4 which was simply epic..., So I will be putting them through the wringer, getting the lowdown from all the crew at the launch, and of course the teams feedback. Let me know what specific points you want investigated, personally I always look for simplicty and pure function from F-one. Look for our reports daily for the rest of this week right here on


30-Aug-11 1:24AM

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