Preview teaser of F-one movie 'Antandroy'

Hands up who loved the Addikt movies, if you didn't you were comatose. F-one movies are always worth downloading and sharing around, the latest 'Antandroy' will be no exception. Showcasing the 2012 F-one kites and boards ridden to levels that will get your blood pumping. 'Antandroy' translates as people of the thorns and is the tribal name of the natives in one particularly remote location, Madagaskars amazing coastal spiny forest. Shot in the Indian ocean entirely on the RED cinecam Antandroy is a true work of art in the F-one tradition. Get an eyefull of the preview and we know all you connoisseurs of kitesurf videos are going to want this movie on your harddrive in full High Def. Definitely dope camerawork and super talented riding on the fine new F-one Bandit kites and boards. With of course incredible backdrops and intimate insight into F-ones kiting culture. Some new faces behind the bars, joining our favourites Mitu, Mika, Raph and friends to give us a massive dose of kitesurf stoke. Going to be a party when this one comes out Hell Yea!


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    15-Oct-11 12:07PM