F-one accessories and add ons

Everyone loves to customise, and everyone loves a personally tuned kite. To that end M8 have come up with several great add ons for F-one kites.

Starting with the red adjustable stopper ball, it may be small but it makes a BIG difference. Particularly with the Volt kites because they come standard with such a long L depower throw. In fact we personally prefer to run shorter M throws with stopper on all our own volt bars. If not an airlite bar (comes with M throw). For 3 reasons, 1 it stabilizes the kites, particularly the smaller sizes, 2 makes reaching the strap easier. 3 it eliminates any chance of backstall and hindenberg by reducing the range of motion/overthrow.

This last one we have to say on all the Volt kites with the standard long throws we reccomend to drop one centerline knot above the strap. If you dont you will find its possible to back the kite by pulling the bar right in. This can be good if you are advanced wave riding hooked in, not so good if you are unhooking, or a begginner. So make sure if you keep the L throw you do adjust that center line by at least one knot shorter.

At left is a picture with the M and L throws side by side, with stopper ball fitment. It takes just a few moments to swap throws, and fit the stopper to whichever throw you are using. We use a screwdriver and some soap as lubrication, then we lever the ball down by means of the leash loop as shown. Stay tuned for a video here next week. And more add ons after that.

Good F-one retailers will have these parts for you to look at and try. Otherwise get in touch email@m8kite.com

F-one add onSizingRRP
Stopper Ball adjustable $5 plus postage
F-one PU depower throwS, M & L$25 plus postage
5th line fits all F-one kitesfor 22-24m lines$55 incl. postage

We also will put this on our F-one Australia facebook page, hit the like button there to stay in the loop.

27-Nov-11 8:56PM