January REDpaddletribe FNQ

The new RED air inflatable board shapes are here and they look awesome, cant wait to test them in the wild wet tropics at the end of the month. You can join us, its easy. You dont need passport, shots, or even a lot of time off. Come for a long weekend of paddle perfection. Come on you deserve it. Book a ticket to Cairns today. We will be there Jan 28-31, paddling the great barrier reef, the rainforested rivers and rapids and the crystal clear crater lakes!!

The tours that tag on to Low isles sailandsup with Windswell tours are on special 1/2 price courtesy Brett at Windswell, down from $220 to just $110 per tour/day. (booked and paid in advance). To get yours simply call him on 0427 498 042 or send us an email@m8kite.com Then there are the rapids and tableland tours which we can all share transport cost on. Paddling every day 28-31st Jan.

Red Air boards can be arranged to hire or you can fly in with your own, its so easy. Aiming to share a tour taxi if you want to chip in, you can arrange your own accom to suit yourself or we can help with that too. All ages and families welcome, pic above is from one tour spot, more on our website and theres also plenty to do and see for non paddlers, so possible to bring the whole family and entourage too.

For more info or to book call 0435 RED RED. If you cant get there now, then go whenever it suits. The local Windswell sup hire and tours will hook you up. You can go anywhere anytime with a Red Air. And if you go anywhere near Noosa join us for a paddle there. Or organise your own redpaddletribe day and let us help you share it from our tribe page. Visit the xplor4.com website and our xplor4.com facebook page for updates.

16-Jan-12 6:27PM