The F-one Bandit is the kite to beat, and the new seasons kite is always eagerly awaited by thousands of fans around the world. F-ones legendary efforts in R&D always culminate in the finest flying kite that money can buy. The 4-line delta C platform and sizing are the pinnacle of proven performance. One kite for all and all for one kite. Orders are racking up as we do give customers the chance to deposit for priority. To get on the program right away. For the B6 we can be sure that F-one have not rested on their laurels, the level of excitement is intense. There are whispers of new bar and quick release. We will have B6 in hand start September, reports will go online here and on the facebook. So stay tuned to this site for updates, and sign up below if you want to be the 1st to know.


And already we have got the 2013 board information through. Open up the flashbook below or pdf at left for the twintip range and click here for the new surf range. New sizes and shapes, beautiful bamboo finish, and brilliant performance. To book yours or a demo

PRIZE KITEBOARD TO BE WON ! sign up below and then respond to our next mailout to go in the draw to win a twintip from F-one. If you have signed up previously you will also get the mailout and be able to get in the draw. Good luck.

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