Happy Holidays

Is kiting or standup what you do in your precious free time... is it something you really enjoy... dont compromise it. You deserve the ultimate. F-one kites, boards, sups and paddles ensure you make the most of every drop.

For family time too during the break you dont want to be on anything other than the ultimate. We live and breathe it, we love it, coming away from every session with huge smiles and pure satisfaction. Why settle for anything less.

Kiting and standup with the kids is the most awesome holiday happiness we know. Warm, clear skies, healthy and exhilerating. Sharing the stoke and starting them off on the right foot with gear that excels in every regard and every time we go anywhere.

One of the main entertainers this holidays has been our new inflatable standup boards from xplor4.com , super safe, light and manageable for the grommies yet fine fun for adults, and tandem surfing with littlies up front. Take them on the boat, camping, or fly away for an island getaway!

We will be doing just that in a few weeks up at FNQ for some whitewater standup and crystal reef supsnorkel touring. Everyones welcome to join, and yes we can bring boards for you too!

If youve got it get out there, if not then get in touch email@m8kite.com or with your nearest outlet from our shop page above and secure something special for yourself from F-one. Happy Holidays everyone.

3-Jan-13 4:17PM