M8 grassroots action

Dec 07 M8 the 1st kiteboarders post below a rough draft code of conduct for kitesurfing at Noosa River mouth. This is to give Noosa kitesurfers the opportunity to comment by contacting us at email@m8kite.com

Help Keep Kiting in Noosa
Follow the local code of conduct


' Pilot to launch and land kites from the waters edge
' No beach jumping with kites
' Assisted launching and landing only on populated beaches
' Always allow a buffer zone and check the drop zone is clear at all times


The LAW requires kiters give way to boats (in the surf or at the Noosa River Bar) and other beachgoers.  To save confusion make your intensions clear:

' Stop or sail in the opposite direction
' Do not continue heading towards a boat as this WILL ALARM the driver


' Council and environmental protection agencies require kiters to stay clear of roosting birds at all times.
' Don't litter (set a good example)


Help prevent accidents and help maintain our safe kiting reputation

' Avoid all beachgoers/bathers by at least 30m (a kite line length) especially when freestyling
' Monitor the weather and understand wind effect.
' Know how to self rescue and body drag upwind
' Avoid unhooked moves in shallow water


' Keep kites and lines tidy on the beach
' Keep walkways and grassed areas clear


' Flagged areas are NO GO ZONE for kitersurfers
' Pass flagged areas out the back clear of swimmers etc
' If wind/current conditions make this difficult, walk carefully behind the flags before continuing

Nov 07 M8 the 1st kiteboarders mobilised their local crew once again this year to reverse a government proposal to ban kiteboarding in Noosa ! Our strategy of rallying the community to show authorities all the positives of kiteboarding has worked well. The last release from the government stated they intended to trial the kiteboarders plan to self regulate to an agreed standard. Its not the first time authorities have focused on kites and it wont be the last. What made the campaign so important was how the local council was proposing with state government approval to control activity on the waterways instead of above the high tide mark. Why were they proposing a ban ? there have been no incidents at Noosa and in fact the local kiting community have always been pro-active about safety and self regulation. Basically liability and environmental concerns are high on the agenda for Noosa council, so they are clamping down on a whole range of activities kitesurfing included. This trend is set to spread to many other councils in years to come. So hopefully the positive outcome of the Noosa campaign initiated by the first kiteboarders sets a good precedent for kiteboardings future all around Australia. If you come to Noosa to kite please pickup a flyer from the local shop or ask the locals.

2-Dec-07 10:29PM