The TRUST kite from F-one

TRUST: the all new kite from F-one
  • F-one Freeride kite for all riders on a budget still looking for an optimum power control, huge stability in all winds, massive hangtime & intuitive auto-relaunch.
  • All advantages of F-one technology in a 'domesticated' version of the BANDIT.
  • A brilliant kite for waveriding and particularly unstrapped surf !
  • F-one DELTA C-Shape experience and quality designed for Freeriders
  • New MONOLITH Freeride bar (compatible with the BANDIT)
  • New bridle for optimum release and auto-relaunch
  • Bigger strut diameter for better stability

For whom?
  • Freeriders, from beginners to experienced riders chasing the ultimate smooth and controlled ride with a super fast ride & ultimate progressive unhooked tricks.
  • Schools who need the safest and most intuitive kite to teach with that wont hold students back.
  • All riders that want a brand new top quality wave and freeride kite for an unbeatable price

  • Because not everyone can afford the Bandit by F-one
  • Because not everyone needs or appreciates the Formula 1 acceleration and punch potential of the Bandit by F-one.
  • Even more Attractive priced as a package with boards

Pack version: also available in PACK with NEXT or UNIK boards, perhaps even the rapidly ascending surf 5'11, and manera harness.

F-one Australia says - We are excited to see the launch of a new model that perfectly caters to trends and cutting edge kite technologies. Its the dawn of a new era where kites and bars become like bionic extensions of ourselves. We are also excited to hear that the TRUST will have even safer more reliable launch and land, as well as the clean cleat combo on the bar. The heritage from the F-one Volt and Bandit models is certain to translate into a wicked unstrapped waveriding kite especially in the smaller sizes. And F-one are saying the team will all have one in their quiver, count us in! Hoping we will get to try it out at kitestock 2013 this coming weekend. The wind looks good, Stay tuned...

13-Feb-13 5:40AM