F-one Bandit voted best ever kite!

Check it out, as we know the Bandit is the best, and its well known worldwide too...

Ikitesurf magazines global poll confirmed the Bandit is voted the best ever kite worldwide out of all kites ever made. Also F-one's Mitu Monteiro was voted 2nd best rider ever after Youri Zoon, onya Mitu. Theres only one, and its F-one.

We had the pleasure of meeting iksurf crew in person recently and it was impressive to note the dedication to determine what the global community of kitesurfing actually prove through water time. F-one Bandit is the ultimate.

Another reason looking forward to another session on our Bandit today, as I know many happy F-one fans are too. Tight lines to you all.

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11-Jun-13 2:36PM