F-one Mitupro surf 2014

F-one started something at Mauritius all those years ago, and no I'm not talking about how other companies now copy their lead with a Mauritian launch, Those big companies try to copy F-one gear anyway. What I'm talking about is the F-one Family re-union at Le Morne Mauritius every other year. Its become an institution, at least for those of us who have been to a few, and probably for a lot of readers too. The familiar faces, the hospitality and great vibes, and of course the incredible kite and SUP setup at One Eye'

This year that infamous surfbreak is turning it on from day dot, As I checked into the hotel late in the evening I could see the white horizon of distant foaming fury in the moonlight and hear the dull roar of millions of tons of water heaving itself out of the deep Indian ocean onto perfectly positioned reefs surrounding Le Morne peninsula. A quick lap of the equipment arena (the lawn between our apartment and the beach) to at least glimpse the eagerly anticipated B7 kite then straight to the bar' Ahhhhh its good to be back.

Waking before dawn Ive got the lines run out, the kite on the beach, the mitu board ' WOW THE MITU BOARD. MituPro thruster, as every surfer would I carefully caress the curves and rocker, squint down the concave and push my front foot down where I will stand on it. Along with so many kiters this board has me frothing, the 1st ever pro model from F-one (longest running and 1st kiteboard company) and there is no more deserving legend than Mitu Montiero from Cape Verde.

3 sizes, 5'8 ' 5'10 and 6'0 all dedicated thrusters, just the way we like it. Their innovative cameldeck profile combined with the ultraplush thick deckgrip keeps your feet low and locked strapped or unstrapped, railgrab grooves, super single concave with rocker in all the right places. Widepoint just forward, Likewise the curves are positioned perfectly making the boards agile yet so easy to ride in any conditions. The innovative outline gives a longer boad rail for getting great gouges, but shorter swingweight and less windage on the nose for ultimate response.

Theres just the right amount of flex and weight, and the super plush deckgrip soaked up everything and felt amazing. The cameldeck topdeck shape is the secret why F-one could use this plush grip, integrating the two technologies perfectly. A parralell innovation is the super sticky wax from F-ones accessory label 'Manera' together its ultimate for strapless sensation. The performance was faultless with or without footstraps, on choppy water or on monster waves. Tight turns, rail to rail, everything is the result of Mitus unmatched ability and input. I loved it, and I know you will too.

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20-Sep-13 1:48AM