M8 DEKlite board

The aim of this new M8 model is to offer a board that excels in marginal conditions, without sacrificing the fun to ride factor. Based on our successful DEK board the DEKlite uses exactly the same 136cm length with a similar rail outline and flatter rocker.  Of course its also extra wide at 46cm. And has our trademark smooth center concave. So its still great for ollies, edging and heelside gouges, even in sub 10knots. And the incredible upwind angles you achieve on the DEKlite will amaze everyone. Any weight of rider will enjoy this board, and for heavier guys its still fun as the wind starts to kick in. The boards come with M8 adjustable footstraps and deluxe deckpads for ultim8 comfort. Bright embedded graphics, dual bolt G10 fins and a wide stance option all wrapped in a super strong yet lightweight package.

email@m8kite.com to get a demo


3-Nov-09 8:33PM