Manera and 2014 launch

Manera harness

Manera label is the accessories brand begun by F-one, covers, luggage, leggies, etc and now the much anticipated waist harness built to be the best ever. Its been in the pipeline for a while, I first rode some protos in 2011, and F-one have been busy applying their no compromise, 'must be ultimate' approach to the Manera harness ever since. In addition to exhaustive on water testing F-one put the Manera and other most famous brands through intensive pressure point testing with startling results. Refining the fit of the harness to be more and more comfortable until  eventually the pressurepoint machine and the wearers experience was unanimous, the Manera is the most comfortable and supportive harness out there ! The distinctive spoked backbrace is the secret, its not there for looks although it does look great. That bracing is key to the supportive and comfortable feel. It has quick releases on both sides for the leash line, and there is a knife/key pocket. At this stage its expected to hit the market about Xmas time. Just when our backs really need it from all that kiting'

MANERA EXO Harness from F-ONE on Vimeo.

Applying his passion for supreme design, F-one owner Raphael Salles rightly says 'look after your back if you want to kite well' The ingenious bar retension system really works, it is supportive, and of course comfortable. Using a custom formulated 3D back support and seamless inside sewing F-one make the pre-curved Manera in 2 back heights for each size. Apparently that's the best way to optimise back height to harness circumference ratio for different body shapes and riding styles. F-one also encourage swapping spreader lengths to further fine tune the Manera waist to suit each individual. So on top of being the most comfortable harness, now riders can really customize the feel for themselves. Talking to our entire group during the launch week including distributors of other brand harness it was clear hat the Manera is the most comfortable harness they had ever worn ! And we agree.

Manera ultra sticky Magic Wax

Now the next most significant product we saw at the launch is the Manera ultra sticky 'magic wax' this seemingly small step for F-one is a huge leap for unstrapped Kiters everywhere. Handcrafted to a secret formula the magic wax works really well on top of deckgrip, or bare boards and it does not melt in summer. The main thing is yes it is ULTRA sticky, beyond anything ever seen before. Its the closest thing to gluing your feet to the board but not using glue. The free feeling that is so addictive about unstrapped kiting just got even better! You wondered how the hell those F-one guys are staying on their boards in the crazy surf or doing double fronts'. Try a bit of magic!

When used on top of full deckgrip, especially the new F-one dual density plush pads it transforms your riding by several levels instantly. Suddenly we were all sticking stuff that was previously impossible. And in conditions we would never have dared! The confidence and enjoyment we all had from this small yet immensely powerful product was amazing. You have to try it to believe it.

This wax is a revolution for unstrapped kitesurfing, theres nothing like it and as soon as you get a go you too will be inspired to try moves you never dreamed of and then amaze yourself. It keeps the board on your feet better, gives  that true surfing feel and it smells nice too.

Manera Drybag/backpack

One of the other cool Manera items we previewed was a drybag/backpack that rolls up really neat thanks to buckles on each side rather than one shared center buckle. Super high quality and durable, with comfy shoulderstraps. Its got an outside pocket (not as dry) external elastic net, and feels good when wearing the harness.

Manera Bamboo fibre poncho

Blue in bamboo, the Manera poncho is great to get warm and get changed. Very eco friendly, and multi purpose. Plus the bamboo fibre is resistant to mould and nasty odours, that alone gives it a big thumbs up from our test team.

Manera key lock container

Made from super heavy duty corrosion resistant metals this combination lock device connects to a towbar or towing point on your vehicle and is the most secure way to lock your keys outside your car that weve seen to date.

Manera other

We saw a bunch of prototype rashvests / wetsuit tops, wakesk8 shoes, suncaps, eyewear etc mostly using some recycled fibre, as the common theme in all the Manera range is better for you better for the environment. And a better quality because thats the way F-one roll...

2014 push release C-loop

Probably the most common comment I got about what F-one "should do" is a push release safety... well its going to be available to fit to all Bandits from all years and it looks really good. Takes a few moments to fit, the centerpull safetyline works same as always, the fix tube still swivels out of the way on demand, and best of all it works even when the bar is jammed down, for example legrope or other kite or buoy tangle. Not everyone will want it, but its great to have such a well designed option. It will be good to refresh and maintain F-one bars, also to improve other brand bars too. It should be in stock before Xmas. Yes you can preorder these and all other F-one / Manera products now, for info

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