F-one foilkite


"What a surprise from F-ONE which is a "single kite" brand, where is this change coming from?

For the past 3 years we have been working on the hydrofoil project. As you know kite hydrofoil has grown to become quite popular. Hydrofoils have changed everything because there is nothing more fun to ride when wind is blowing below 15 knots! Flying above the water in 10 knots of wind at 20 knots of speed with all that power and speed is just fantastic.

Light-wind is where the hydrofoils are making the difference and light-wind has always been a lot about performances.  So to be involved in the racing discipline is important to learn and get to know how the foils are working while the best racing riders also know a lot about it.

So all that R&D to achieve top performances in the competitions will provide us all the knowledge we need to design hydrofoils for the wide public. This sport is still so fresh and some major innovations will come from the racing circuit. Just like the things that automobile racing is bringing to your own car. If one day the average rider becomes able to cruise at 30 knots speed, it will be thanks to the R&D provided by the racing circuit.
  • But why should customers need a foil kite?

Of course foiling competitors wonít be the only ones to enjoy the benefits of foil kites. When we looked at the "ultra light" wind conditions, so below 10 knots, the foil kites became clearly interesting. In those light condition the foil kites are lighter than big inflatable sizes and they also have better performances. They deliver more power but have also more speed so on a hydrofoil you can make the most of the speed they provide to create apparent wind.

You can therefore use a kite of smaller area with great power, light-weight and high performances. Moreover hydrofoils are actually going so fast that you need a fast kite to keep everything on the same balance. Itís quite a different thing from riding a twintip which is much slower"

And F-one Australia is putting these new foils to good use this winter. If your keen come and check it out.