F-one 2016 is nearly here!

From the one and only F-one, 2016 launch is shaping up to be absolutely huge !

We have been keenly anticipating the latest and greatest line of Bandit kites, Mitu surfs, trax litetech boards and of course SUP.

Meantime weve been getting up close and personal with the #1 dominant force in foiling, from F-one, DIABLO kite and forge foil !

If youve been keeping up, then you know F-one is completely obliterating all comers in the definitive performance & racing competitions right now.

Its a real treat to have the worlds most awarded kite gear this early. And we know that it will be the best ever from F-one!

Get a faceful of it in this great vid below! and countdown with us for next week... to the best and most exciting launch ever!

12-Aug-15 1:59PM