Kitesurf/Kiteboard 2032

Now into single digit count of years till the big event. Brisbane Olympics 2032 kitefoil racing deserves Australia's sailing and kiting communities close attention moving forward.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2032 and the Paralympic Games from 24 August to 5 September 2032. Largely hosted across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, the Games will put south-east Queensland on the world map in the lead up and when the kitefoil races are held here at Mooloolaba on the Sunny Coast.

Australia punches above its population at the Olympics, for the best chance to do that with kitefoil 2032 we must start now of course. Can an Aussie podium in the kitefoil 2032 event? it'll take an effort and many things to come together for sure but just like Ash Barty and other Aussie battlers have always showed, such things are possible and worth striving for.

The 'you for 2032' government program is a start and although its easy to criticize it is nice to know that at least theres pathways being worked on. However the more realistic pathway of fostering grass roots support for kitefoil, in the training locations which will actually allow for immersive pursuit, by the youth who will race 2032 needs more effort. Who can be contracted for this enterprise? Who has the experience and background to talent scout and relate to the recruits? Who can ensure Australia puts its best feet forward for Kitefoil Olympics 2032? Its not likely just going to be government departments thats for sure, and it will be dangerously myopic to have it run by kite industry players. Our M8kite offer to consult to the Olympics development program is well qualified in that light. Stay tuned lets hope to have some action in this space soon!

Australia's 1st Kiteboarders

17-Apr-23 5:39AM