2013 F-one Twintip board range

Over 13 years of design expertise and experience have contributed to the F-one twintip board range from the very first company that started to build production kiteboards. For 2013 the focus was on making a more versatile design that delivers a superb ride in any conditions. F-ones latest technological advancements in composite kiteboard construction with woodcore have been maximised.

The Trax delivers lightning acceleration and top speed, ultim8 for advanced riders Trax attains incredible control and grip for super technical freeriding in any terrain. TX is the ultim8 all rounder absorbing everything you can throw at it. with a very smooth and predictable ride in all situations and at any speed. The Acid is the new school funky style weapon and The SK8 is the surprise package, radical flex and simple proven shape providing a super fun ride. The Next model is marketed at begginers but in fact several of our team riders use it just because it rocks. All the boards apart from the TX and Next feature F-one's X torsion deck which radically stabilises the twist and flex. Right from the word go anyone will feel comfortable and ready to step up their riding to a new level on an F-one twintip. Upwind is easy, rail to rail transition flawless and drive through the turns unmatched. Surfing waves or throwing 3's its all good. When you are in the mood for twintip free riding F-one boards get your groove on. They work great everywhere. Demo boards are available email@m8kite.com

You will be instantly rapt in these beautifully presented boards. Carving and boosting feels precise and powerful. The rail to rail transitions are flawless. The Platinum StrapLoc pads and footstraps connecting you for sensational direct control. The Trax is made in a different factory this year and is a totally different board, a lot stiffer through the center with awesome grip at speed. To get the most out of the Trax you should be flying. The TX is the most similar board to last years, it has fantastic suspension, works great at any speed, and is still our pick as an all rounder. The Acid is my pick as the funnest board to ride, it just makes you want to cut loose. The Next twintip has a flatter rocker, longer more drawn out rails so is super easy to get up and going and stay upwind. It was designed in tandem with the Volt kite for a perfect package. The Next is the ultim8 board for begginners who want to progress. And the Sk8 is fast and flowing with a really lively skatey feel, its the board for lighter or less aggressive riders.

For more info check out the pdf bottom left. Note some sizes may not be available for a while. And do not hesitate to contact email@m8kite.com to arrange a demo of any of these boards, or purchase one through your local shop.

ACID 127x37 130x39  132x41   134x42 899
TX134x39 136x40  138x41 999
TRAX 132x39 134x40 136x41 138x42 1199
TRAX LW140x45 lightwind weapon1199
SK8 132x38 134x39 999
NEXT135x39 138x40  140x42699
NEXT LW148x45   150x48799

27-Aug-09 2:42AM