Foilboard funfest 10-12 May

Saturday the 10 saw a small but keen crew gather on sunshine beach to try out the foilboard in the surf. The call was made to try the beach since only kiteboarders turned up this time, hopefully the tow in crew will be at the next one.

The wind was sub 10 knots cross on shore and waves about chest height. It made for an interesting first time foilboard experience but George was just happy to get out there as you can see from the big grin in the photo. Riding the waves on the foil was great fun and cuttting straight through them on the way out a novel sensation. Even over sizeable walls of white water we were getting an almost butter smooth ride. The next foilboard funfest is going to be sometime late June on the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to join in its easy just send an email to

19-May-08 7:14PM