M8 Beaver Surfboard

Some of us still prefer polyester for its traditional surf feel and ride quality. Here at M8 we wont settle for anything less than the ultim8 so we set team rider and unstrapped guru Beaver aka Daniel Bevan to the task. Beav is the brains behind the new Beaver model surfboard. Built to his exact specifications the polyester board is designed for kite unstrapped shredding, but it is strong enough to take stick on strap pads. The layup is perfectly re-inforced without compromising flex and feel. So its still an awesome board for normal surfing too. A hard rail around the square tail gives great upwind and efficiency. And shaper Cutch has delivered everthing and more that Beaver asked for in his secret weapon cuttlefish concave bottom shape.

"Beav - Well we have hit the nail on the head with these boards! The 6'2' Beaver surf goes like a rocket ship, drives so hard and turns in the pocket so tight that you blink and you are ready for your next big hit or aerial off the top"

The boards are supplied standard with squidgrip tailpad and can have front grip on your request too. At left some pics of Beav putting the board through its paces on the sunny coast. To order or get a demo email@m8kite.com

Beaver surfRRP 799

17-Aug-09 7:06AM