M8 kiteboards new range

Our Australian designed and built M8 kiteboards have developed a cult following over the last few years. And for good reason, as the first kiteboarding company we know all too well the difficulty of getting quality boards from overseas. Having our boards built here ensures the ultim8 quality control with the ultim8 materials. Also we know that many Aussie riders with strong surfing backgrounds appreciate our refined shapes, with a strong emphasis on all terrain handling.

For 2008 we continue the SS range which is our all terrain twintip board. We also add the Stomp twintip which excels either with bindings or with footstraps. And a super lightwind board is available in custom widths up to 46cm ! All boards are supplied with adjustable soft widestraps, and G10 double bolt fins. The stance widths cater to Australian riders with options up to 65cm center to center, never be confined to weeny Euro stances again haha. And the burning ember graphics look unreal, For ultim8 presentation you cannot go past M8.

So how do they ride ? A beautiful single concave and finetuned rocker give these boards unbeleivable handling in any water conditions, The SS board makes every carve feel like you are on rails, with incredible speed through the chop. All our boards have great pop and flex for landings, but the Stomp in particular makes low kite aerials a pleasure. Feel the flex and response as you weight the rail with all the line tension you can hold. Then relish getting launched by the perfect pop of these wicked boards. We are excited to offer demo boards because of the constant great feedback we are receiving on our 2008 boards. For more information look at the products page of this site.

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14-Aug-07 5:26PM