F-one 2010 preview

Its no secret that F-one have become the most imitated and therefore most admired kite brand in the world since they invented Delta C shape kites. The 3rd installment of the famous Bandit kite is now ready for the 2010 season. Bandit III is by all accounts a sensational kite that will further solidfy F-ones place at the top. Below some quotes from independent sources:

Preview of the F.one 2010 BanditIII - The Kiteboarder Magazine, Marina
After flying the kites for the last five days, here are the main highlights I have found re: the differences between the 2010 and 2009 Bandit kites.
New profile/shape and traditional one pump
Increased stability over entire range, especially in smaller sizes
Much shorter bridle
All line lengths on control bar now same length
Safety line now goes through bar/in center of chicken loop
Low end slightly decreased but top end greatly increased
Lighter bar pressure, smoother especially when sheeted out, yet still direct feel for that C-kite feel
Shorter trim strap but with wider wind range
New articulating tongue on chicken loop for easier hook in/out
Stylish new graphics, integrated into fabric on wingtips !

More from Matt Aiken
According to chief designer Sylvain the key differences come from a higher aspect ratio, new profile (flatter, draft further back towards wing tips), new bridle (extra attachment towards wing tip) and modifications to their delta shape. I had a good session (back to back) riding the 6'0' Bamboo with straps. I was super powered and caught some nice waves. I rode back and forth, upwind, downind, etc. Hands down the new Bandit III is better. The 3 has way more top end, way less bar pressure, way less travel in the bar and as a result less 'drift' when the kite is depowered it flies further forward in the window.

I found the one pump Awesome ! also particularly liked the lighter bar pressure, much less bar travel needed for depower and more wind range on the high end. Raphael says you can ride comfortably about 2m more kite with the Bandit III than the Dos. And where some sizes of the earlier delta C could luff, overfly, and fall out of the sky in extreme gusty conditions, or when de-powered suddenly, its absolutely fixed with Bandit III.

Everyone's pumped, the new kites look and feel great:

Regarding the twintip boards. The TX3 replaces last year's TRAX and is a really nice ride. I'll take some more shots later, but it's got a super techy multi concave bottom, nice finished rails, and really nice footpads and straps. The board has a great blend of smooth, flexy control, yet has a decent powerful feel with some good pop. Overall the F-One twin tip line looks really good
From 128 twin-tips in the form of the sporty white SK8 ' which makes a welcome return this year - through to the sleek black and white Trax and TX3s, the board range is extensive. I'll be surprised if there's not a board for you in the 2010 line up. My personal favourites are the bamboo surfboards, crafted to an insanely high standard with the most comfortable (but not too soft for a surfboards) pads and straps, with plenty of sizes in that range too.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand. And email@m8kite.com if you want a demo.

3-Aug-09 6:40AM