Nathan heads to Kitestock WA

Kitestock is the biggest kitesurf event on the west coast every year and M8kite have sponsored it every year running. This year its expected to see over 400 kiters turn up for classic conditions near Geraldton. If you are going please say hello to Nathan who will be near the F-one tent and demo an F-one kite / board. His contacts below.

Profile: Nathan Katterns is M8kite sales representative and team manager.

Nathan was Surf Coaching and Kite surf instructing for 10 years....passion for the ocean, and riding waves.  Sharing what I love to do and my life with others :)  Have surf guided and worked in Fiji, Samoa and the my life, keen to do more surf and kite surf guiding in the future if anyone is looking for a guide let me know....., currently working in Education teaching year 8, and HPE year 9 and 10.
Riding F-one kites, Bandit 3 and either polyester or the F-one bamboo surf.    Latest achievements:  Winning the 2007 upcoming and all round performance award Mambo Kite comp. 2008 and 2009 University National title winner in long board.  
Hailing from the Sunshine Coast Nate's home beach is beautiful Coolum Beach.  Preference in kite surfing style: wave riding, loves to kite and surf.  Down winders from Coolum to Sunshine and a regular contender in the Coolum Off the lip classic....
First trip to WA....
Looking forward to kiting as much as possible in WA and meeting new friends and having a good time :)

Nathan Katterns
0402 332 777

16-Feb-10 4:24PM