The Source from F-one

For a long time we have cracked jokes about "bringing back 2 line kites" and Mat and m8s do actually cut a few laps on their old 2 liner classics every now and again. But this is no joke. This is the most important step forward in kiteboarding since the Delta C-shape. There will be those who get it and those who are slow, but the seed is now firmly planted by F-one and from it big things will grow. The SOURCE from F-one takes us back to what actually created this sport, a 2 line hemispherical inflatable strut kite. Ultim8 simplicity for SUP and all other boards.

Our business here at M8 the 1st kiteboarders depended on us breaking new ground. We continually seek out the products and experiences in line with our 1st is forever philosophy. We still have the very first production kites in Australia, all 2 liners. So this momentous return to 2 lines is especially significant and exciting with M8 the 1st kiteboarders. And we applaud F-one for once again pioneering something that creates so much stoke and turning the industry on its head. Stay tuned to this site and get a sneak preview at

2-Aug-10 5:20AM