Comparison Bandit IV to BIII

Delta C-shape is the patent pending F-one invention that F-one Bandit kites display to devastating effect. And we keep getting asked is the BIV as delta as the BIII. YES, and look at the pics of the two models flying side by side at left to see for yourself. Apart from a optimised C-shape the Delta is about the same as last year. That said it is a different beast altogether, Faster, smoother, lighter and better.

Out of the hundreds of riders including raving fans of BIII who we have asked, it is unanimous that the BIV is convincingly improved. Every rider comments on how natural the BIV feels from the get go, it is so easy to get in tune with. That is the most pointed difference, that no matter what rider from what background, the F-one Bandit4 is really quick to get used to and enjoy. In motospeak its a 4stroke feeling compared to the 2stroke earlier Bandits. Bandit4 is faster, smoother, more user friendly, predictable and reliable. Everyone is smiling from the get go.

Precision is second main improvement we noticed. Hard to conceive as the BIII was so renowned for its stability and precise control. But definitely the BIV is even more precise again, thanks partly to the lighter weight which makes it snappier to re-direct. And also once tracking there is less wander, it stays on track precisely where you point it, allowing you to focus on progression and fun. ie for kite loops its easy to increment increase the power each time, with such accurate feedback through the bar. Certainly you will see BIV riders advancing faster this year thanks to the confidence building precision.

Andre WA says had a few runs on the 8m BIV now its a super kite...rips upwind better than anything I have flown before...unhooked best kite I have flown...and power is gr8.. Airs are all time...speed and stability is sick.

The next 3 main different points to BIII are - Lighter, the kite is lighter & the bar pressure is lighter, Faster, to fly to react and to turn. And Smoother. Even less throw is needed to activate the incredible depower of these kites, and the transition is silky smooth right from full off to full on. Especially when unhooking there is a much more predictable power surge. And the smooth progressive power delivery means you can incrementally increase power on demand. For example BIII = 2 stroke whereas Bandit4 = 4 stroke moto.

Interesting to note that the Airlite control bar is all alloy core, just like all motocross bars alloy is the strongest and unanimous choice for bar build. Nice.

Scott & Jacqui from SA say thanks for sending the 11m express. Well done. Its so different to the 12m, turns that much faster and flies very similar to the 9m...we are Stoked!!! And the relaunch is heaps better too.

Patrick asks - I'm just finishing to have lessons. I have been reading a lot about kites and become very impressed by F-One kites and particularly the B4. I would like to hear your opinion about getting this as a first kite ?
George answers from Kitesurf Aust. shop and school - "F-one Bandit IV is an excellent 1st kite for someone who has enough instruction to know exactly how to relaunch it quickly. Basically top line tension as video shows below. It is exceptionally stable at all points"
M8 says - 4stroke feeling Bandit4 delivers tractable power for everyone. Remarkably F-one have only 1 model for all disciplines and styles and levels. For speed, stability, quality and simplicity it is undeniably the benchmark that all other brands strive to reach. And Bandit IV is becoming known as the ultimate performance kite for wave and freestyle too. Notwithstanding their Revolt kite for schools F-one make the choice super simple and straightforward for consumers. BANDIT4 WE LOVE IT.

All of the performance advantages combined means BIV has an improved wind range both hi and low. Better upwind, and blistering speed. I spoke with Alex the worlds fastest kiter asking him if he considered custom F-one, his reply "BIV is the fastest kite we could make" He will campaign this year on the stock kites and once we rode them its easy to see why.

More details and relaunch video coming soon.. stay tuned

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30-Sep-10 6:44PM