F-one Source supkite

Introducing the new / old concept of 2 line kiteboarding... with a twist. Stand Up boards and superlight wind cabability. Source kites from F-one have created a whole new sport that is set to explode. source.f-onekites.com now ride everyday.

Here it is in 2-6 knots of breeze, easy relaunch, upwind, no harness and staying dry.

Managing the Source 2 line bridle is super simple, if you ever do disconnect.

Self launch and land is even easier and quicker with 3rd line option.

F-one Source Sup kite RRP complete RRP kite only
SOURCE 9 1499 1249
SOURCE 11 1699 1449
SOURCE 13 1799 1549
SOURCE 15 1899 1649
SOURCE 17 1999 1749
3rd line kit9917m length
PKG with REDair inflatable board from 2199


6-Oct-10 3:26PM