Great Keppel kite race

Congratulations to Nathan Katterns F-one rider and team manager in Australia for his 2nd place in the Keppel kite race. Nathan with the F-one 10m Bandit4 kite and 5'10 Bamboo surf was totally smoking everyone else by a country mile while there was wind. Launching from Great Keppel island in Central QLD the 2 dozen competitors downwinded over 16km back to Yepoon on the coast. Nathan was devastatingly faster than everyone right from the start but sadly ran out of wind near the finish and was unable to hold off another racer on a bigger kite. Slow and steady wins the race but Bandit4 wins the glory as everyone was in awe of how quick you can go on these kites.

No wonder as its becoming more well known that F-one Bandit kites hold the current World Speed Record for kiting, and the current world distance crossing speed record! How fast is the Bandit4, it's the fastest ever. As this magazine goes to print Alex Caziergues of France is putting it all on the line at Luderitz in Africa to try and break his own world record for the fastest kite. Riding F-one rock stock standard Bandit4 kites, and the 2011 unibox fins in his custom F-one speedboards he will battle 50+ knot winds and competitors from every corner of the globe. His target' 100 kilometers per hour ! Godspeed Alex.

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12-Oct-10 3:18PM