Meet Mitu

If you are one of the lucky participants in Julian Hosps kite klinic this week then you will be kiting with Mitu, and theres still time to enroll right now and catch the weekend sessions which are looking like a great forecast. But dont waste a minute, call us right now and get yourself to the Sunshine Coast.

The conditions are perfect, and its a real buzz to kite with Mitu and Julian downunder. Their story and character is fascinating, so its not just the kiting but the apre kite that make it worthwhile to show some Aussie hospitality to these guys. Come and say g'day and stay tuned for the pics and vids from the sunny coast.

Even if you are not interest in the klinic but would like to meet Mitu this is your chance, give us a call or and check the facebook page.

13-Dec-10 1:02PM