F-one 1st and fastest

Big congratulations to Alex Caizergues who last weekend beat all comers by a massive margin in the inaugural Red Bull Rottnest island race, F-one kites powering him home way way, way in front. Alex rode the same stock Bandit kites he used when he recently became 1st ever to break the 100kph outright speed barrier.

The very same weekend Mitu Montiero took line honours in the PKRA Red Bull race also smoking all comers with his F-one Bandit4 kite and F-one bamboo surfboard. The winning combo are the exact same kites and boards Mitu used to for his podium in the PKRA wave world tour, and of course its the same kite for F-one teams freestyle antics as showcased in the Addikt movies.

F-one does not do a dozen models, for different disciplines and demand. They never skimp on strength or durability / weight as a shortcut... the F-one force frame construction is the strongest and longest lasting on the market full stop. And their performance is proven.

One kite superior for all disciplines, no compromise, no sacrifice. F-one have that much confidence in this that they only release one model for serious kitesurfing. The Bandit kites, much imitated, never equalled. It makes it very simple for the rider. F-one, the one kite to truly amplify your kitesurfing.

F-one is also as always the 1st kite advertisement in both Australian Magazines. A premium 1st position to match the premium performance and record. If you want to demo an F-one Bandit kite or any of the boards write us at email@m8kite.com

19-Dec-10 2:06PM