F-one Boardcovers

Airforce 155cm kiteboard cover from F-one are the ultimate travel cover as well as being excellent for everyday use. Actually 2 covers that zip apart and together as you need, the bottom wheeled cover has a extendable pocket that allows you to put in up to 6'0 surfboard, and the top cover has a shoulder strap and internal compartments to keep everything safe and neat. Split them apart for ease of handling or if you only need one for a short trip or detour, then zip them together whenever you want ie for getting on the plane or train.

F-one also have a 150cm slim single cover called playa. And there is a double surf version of the Airforce in limited qty. Ask for F-one at discerning kite stores or drop us an email@m8kite.com As you would expect from F-one the quality is as good as it gets, with 12mm padding and super strong classy materials. Built to go the distance and more. And of course they look the goods too.

coverdimensions cmRRP
Airforce wheeled splitcover155-185x50x55259
Airforce surfdouble190x55x30259
Playa single 150150x4589