F-one Bamboo StandUpPaddle

The demo F-one sup boards are in and they are generating rave reviews from pro to begginner alike. You may have seen the front cover of supmag with the big money shot of F-one race carving on a remote offshore reef, or noted the inside cover adverts and lots of favourable coverage in the media... make no mistake these boards and paddles are gunning for the top, they are second to none in quality, performance and presentation, just like the F-one kites. The official website is here en.f-onesup.com and there is a full pdf catalogue download at bottom left.

Each of the F-one sup models is named after a surfbreak (except race) At the shortboard end the Madeiro range of boards name comes from a gnarly long tube in the depths of Brazil, these quadfin boards have an aggressive chined rail for maximum hold and drive. The Anakao thrusters are named after a remote break in madagaskar, (where the movie below was filmed) and Manawa is big deepwater break we are quite familiar with in Mauritius. The race range are already notorius for their surprising surf cabability and killing it in competition racing especially open water ! A radical new concept F-one call "country surf" its definitely the best board to go far then carve it up, and of course it looks amazing, with full carbon rails and bamboo deck.

The demo boards are doing the rounds right now, and we are taking orders against the next delivery. We are also on the lookout for rep riders so if you rip and want to ride the ultimate, get in touch.

Send us an email@m8kite.com or fb msg below to find out more.

Preliminary pricing indication*

Board model & Size RRP
MADEIRO 7'7 x 28" $1,699
MADEIRO 7'11 x 29" $1,699
MANAWA 8'6 x 30,5" $1,699
MANAWA 9' x 31" $1,799
MANAWA 10' x 32" $1,799
MANAWA 10'6 x 33" $1,849
ANAKAO 8'4 x 28" $1,799
ANAKAO 8'10 x 29" $1,799
ANAKAO 9'1 x 29,5 $1,799
ANAKAO 9'1 x 30,5" $1,799
RACE 12'6 12'6 x 29" $2,399
RACE 14' 14'x 29" $2,899
SCHOOL SOFTOP 10" x 32' $1,199
MATIRA INFLATABLES 8'6,9'6,10'6from $750
Full Carbon battle paddle499
hybrid Carbon peak paddle399

The Antandroy movie below does have sup sections, you will have to sift through or sit through some kiting though...

Antandroy from Band-Originale on Vimeo.

Fonesup20121.pdf   Catalogue
Fonepdl20121.pdf   paddles