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Its no secret that Stand Up Paddle boarding is a perfect compliment to Kiteboarding or activity in its own right. And its an awesome way to stay fit. The co-ordination of balancing on the board and paddling has massive benefits for your core stability and strength, not to mention your mental state as you get away from your worries while gliding above the water. And the view into the water from the higher vantage of standing up is amazing on glassy days. Simple pleasures, family time, personal challenge and exploration. And it is definitely not necessary to surf to have fun.

Kitesurfers are already familiar with inflatable technologies, as most kites are inflatable. So Red's inflatable paddleboard is just brilliant.

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Redpaddleco are the leading inflatable paddleboard company.

packs away into its own small carry bag <80cmx40cmx40cm lightweight, bombproof and portable:


The exciting new Red Air inflatable boards put Stand Up Paddle boarding in reach of everyone. There are several key advantages that Red Air boards offer:

· Suspension & stability - bouncing down white water rapids or over broken waves and chop highlights this great benefit of the Red Air inflatables but even calm conditions are easier with the added stability that the Red Air inflatables offer.
· Space Packing away into a duffel bag solves any transport and storage issues for good. Once you have experienced this it becomes very very important.
· Safety beating all rigid boards by a massive magnitude Red Air boards are simply much safer for everyone of any age or ability wether on the board or near it.
· Durability drop it, whack it, we see kids use it as a trampoline even when its on the pavement ! Red Air boards are sunproof, dentproof, dingproof and dingbat proof.
· Stealth gliding up closer to wildlife without disturbing them is made possible by the uniquely quiet Red Air boards. And its nice to experience the quiet glide anyway.
· Fun  be amazed at the huge increase in fun everyone has with these boards once they realise how much safer they are than rigid boards. jumping, running, playing !

Liberating, is probably the best word to describe the feeling of Red Air boards. They let you relax and have fun instead of being a danger to innocents.

Case 1: out paddling with kids on board and they could really play no worries about cracking teeth when falling off as can happen on rigid boards.

Case 2: granny wanted a go, and of course promptly went . Over . But no worries it was a soft landing pad

Case 3: trying to teach better halves / kids to surf in tiny waves, theres other kids around and inevitably someone got run into / over,  no worries.

Case 4: board got dropped / banged while carrying, guess what, NO worries.

Give Red Air Stand Up Paddle boards a go and discover for yourself the no worries fun factor. Of course there is a catch, and in this instance its swapping the traditional surf feel of high performance boards for fun, safety and convenience. You wont set speed records, or surf like Kelly but we guarantee you and your family and friends will be happier at the beach together. Click through for more Red Air FAQ and some Reccomended tours


BEWARE of cheap chinese copies, Its very true that you get what you pay for. When you buy RED you buy the best quality out there.
Quote from Mark at ESS boardstore "The Red is so much better than those other inflatables its not funny"
And from Sydney Supstore "We choose to stock Red over the others because Red boards are obviously superior."